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I am SO thankful that I got Healthy Paws Pet Insurance when we got our dog. My dog has gotten sick a few times (nothing major), but it was nice to have the tests and medicine covered.
Recently, my dog was attacked while out on his morning walk. It was a major wound that needed 2 surgeries. The total of all my animal hospital bills quickly added up to $5,000 and boy am I SO GLAD that I have Healthy Paws. They covered $4,200 of the bills!!!

Imagine your pet being innocently attacked and needing medical attention. Think about what a relief it would be to:
1. be able to get the medical attention your pet needs and
2. have most of the bill covered by insurance

Keep in mind that if an accident is the fault of another persons animal, the other party is not legally obligated to pay the bill.

Healthy Paws is 100% worth getting. SIGN UP TODAY!

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