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It is very hard to get a reimbursement of services. I had 2 of my frenchies insured and needing surgeries. One of the reasons they denied a claim was that my dog was not seen in a vet for over a year so therefore it is classified as a pre existing condition. We just relocated to another state and had no immediate need to bring my dog to the vet. They are house dogs, they don't leave my property. I went on BBB to see this is a big issue with Embrace. They take a long time to contact you when submitting a claim as well. Every claim submitted gives the default response of "we need to contact prior vets for complete medical history" even though this is done in the preliminary coverage process. You are better off putting that money aside every month and getting a CareCredit card instead of paying for their insurance. This is what I am forced to do... 5K in debt later. Thx Embrace!

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Posted: 06/10/2020

Hi there,

I'm sorry your frenchie's needed surgery, I hope they are recovering well.

One of the conditions of the insurance that we have in the acknowledgments online and over the phone, and that we send a follow up email to confirm, is that your pets must have been to the vet in the past 12 months in order for the policy to be active. If they haven't, and something comes up at their first visit, we aren't able to cover it.

We also do not collect medical history upon purchase of the policy. As our emails state, we request it at the end of the waiting period, and if we do not receive it, we do not request it again until the time of a claim. This email is where we also remind you that a prepolicy vet visit is a requirement for the insurance, and we also suggest requesting a Medical History Review so that you know if there are any issues with your pet's medical history.

If you'd like to email me at with the name that your policy is listed under, I can take a look and answer any more specific questions for you.

Contact Center Manager