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Ahhh. I had ASPCA pet health insurance for my English bulldog for almost 8 years, all his life since I got him at 4 months. Hardly ever used it. Was paying about $88 a month. Yea $88 a month for 8 years. Do the math.. omg a lot! Well one night my dog collapsed and stopped breathing, went to the ER, he spent the night, next day more tests, etc... long story short he was diagnosed with a heart disease almost $4,000 later. Ok no problem, I have pet insurance..... hahahahhaha sike!!! Not too much. They only covered $500 because they considered it a preexisting condition and going forward anything having to do with his heart, ie heart meds or any echo testing would not be covered. WTH! So when I called and talked to a rep, the way they tried to keep me on the insurance as by saying, "ohh but we cover cancer!" Really!!!!!! That's your silver lining!!!?? HOW DARE YOU...!!!!? Heartless. And that's why I said

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