Best Pet Insurance and decision for our bulldog

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We have an English bulldog and one day while painting our house he ate the paint, well it cost us $600 plus in 3 hours! I researched all the pet insurance and did comparisons with all of them! Pets Best was the best, coverage, cost, deductible And reimbursement. Bulldogs tend to go to get a little more than most breeds, but for any dog I highly recommend pets best!
Take dog/cat to get take photo of bill upload in your file, they reimburse in 2-3 weeks on what is covered. I pay 62.00 per month and have submitted over 1200 or more and it's only June 1,2020. I've received everything back except normal vaccines less 10%, believe me it's well worth it! My husband sees the checks come in and cannot believe it! Best pet insurance ever!!!
Do your research! I sure did and chose the best one ’Pets Best”
Were happy and Humphrey is healthy and Happy😘

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