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During the most difficult experience a pet owner can have - that of receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer in their beloved animal companion, very little can soothe the heartbreaking shock and sadness.
My 9 yr. old German Shepherd began having seizures and required the care of a specialist. In order to pinpoint the source of her seizures an MRI and Spinal Tap would need to be conducted by a neurological specialist. The cost for these procedures would be over $4,000 not to mention that her seizures coincided with the onset of the pandemic and shelter in place orders here in South Florida.
Hartville Pet Insurance walked me through the process of getting a pre-authorization for these expensive but necessary procedures. My beloved pet had the MRI and was diagnosed with a meningioma. The only comfort I felt throughout this process was knowing that Hartville had the costs covered and were with me every step of the way. I only wish that my own health insurance was as responsive and reliable as my Pet’s insurance. Thank you Hartville for being the best pet insurance company. Thank you for making a difficult time less stressful. Your reliability and compassion has made all the difference in the world. The quality of your insurance plan has provided me with the ability to make sure that my animal companion and best friend receives the best care - I can never thank you enough.

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