No Credibility whatsoever with this company

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I've been paying them their premiums for 16 years and would highly recommend you shop elsewhere. They're the worst at paying claims but are masters of taking your premiums. You would think with a name like 'AKC Pet Insurance' that there would be a certain standard of excellence with their services but don't be fooled. They're borderline fraudulent and at the very least deceptive!!
The latest, they "discontinued" our current plan of $85/mo for our little Oliver for the last 11 years and took it upon themselves to replace it WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONFIRMATION with their most expensive plan at $299/month!!! That's $3600 a year for pet insurance!!!! I've been a little sidetracked this year for obvious reasons and actually just noticed this change on my CC statement yesterday. Called them and they claim they mailed me a notice of the change which maybe they did but I'm sure many people fell into this same trap of not thoroughly looking through every piece of small print mail. Of course if you don't respond they deem that as accepting the new terms and conditions and automatically roll you into the new plan. No email, no phone call to confirm I'm accepting a 300% increase!!!! This is a Deceptive Trade Practice and I hope everyone reads this!!

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Posted: 06/05/2020

Peter, we are so sorry that you were unhappy with your pet insurance experience. We notify all policyholders before renewal to inform them of any changes in coverage and costs so that they may contact us to make alterations before the policy renews. This process of renewal is stated in the terms and conditions that you receive when enrolling and can also be found on our website: We work to find policyholders as close to an equivalent policy to what they previously had as possible when coverage options change and purposefully send out a notification of the changes so that policyholders have the time to review the coverage. We appreciate that you have been a dedicated policyholder for the last 11 years and trust that our efforts to resolve this issue directly with you were successful.