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During the beginning of the corona virus lockdown, my little terrier mix got gastroenteritis and was first seen at my local vet twice then hospitalized at a speciality care hospital for two days,

The resulting bills were over $2900 and though the claim took a little longer to process because of the lockdown and everyone working from home, all my claims were processed and I was left with a totally manageable sum of a little over $270 to pay, which was, of course a tremendous relief to me.

I have two dogs. Both have pet insurance, My older dog is a senior citizen so it wasn’t feasible to change his insurance, but my younger dog has Pet First and in the two years I’ve had him the processing of claims has been fast and just as advertised.

Actually, I think even better than advertised, and I am sure Pet First will remain my pet’s insurance forever, for both this much loved little terrier and any future pets I have.

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Posted: 06/25/2020

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