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I Purchased Healthy PAWS pen insurance for my dog when she was three years old. The monthly payment was $56. I kept the insurance for years and never used it never even submitted a claim. January 1 of this year my premium went up $25 per month. When I called them out on it they said it was a one time rate increase. Several months later they continued to charge me an extra $25 a month. When I called them they apologized and said the rates in New York had increased because of people filing claims. I was forced to change my deductible from $250 to $ 500. From 90% coverage to 80% coverage. Less than a week later my dog passed away unexpectedly leaving me with a very high vet bill. I requested that Healthy PAWS honor my previous deductible and reimbursement rate to help with medical bills and they refused. It had only been four days. $4000 invested and they couldn’t honor a simple request.

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Posted: 05/21/2020


We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of baby. As pet parents, we understand that it is difficult to say goodbye to a dear friend. You and your family are in our thoughts during this difficult time. Please know that we try to keep premiums as low as possible while still providing coverage without any caps annually or over the lifetime of your policy. Premiums are determined based on the rates and rating rules filed and approved within each state’s Department of Insurance. These reflect the cost of treatment, advances in veterinary medicine, the pet’s breed, gender, age and other factors, in addition to the overall claims experience for the program within the region where a pet resides.

Unfortunately, insurance industry regulations and our policy do not allow us to increase your reimbursement level/decrease your deductible once that change has been made, no matter when it occurred. We have to process claims for all pets according to the same standards set within the provisions of our policy that are submitted to each state’s Department of Insurance. Again, we are sorry for your loss and hope you and yours stay well during this difficult time.

The Healthy Paws Team