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I am very happy with Pets Bets and the super simple claim filing process that is done by using my cell phone. I have recently filed 13 claims in the past 5 months. I use my phone and the Pets Best app which is linked to my Rocky's account. It is simple because you just fill in a brief explanation of claim, take a photo of your invoice and agree to the terms. Bam! It's finished. Then you wait for for them to process. They will email you with EOB telling what the did with each claim. If you have a deductible they will put payments towards that first but after that they pay your percentage that's owed to you. Super simple. If you know your coverage you won't be disappointed with the outcome. I did have 2 claims they didn't pay but that's because I didn't turn in an itemized invoice. I only showed a hand written receipt.. But that is being taken care of by the chiropractic doctor who adjusted my Rocky after an injury. It;s great they cover chiropractic because I believe the importance of realigning a dog's spine etc. My Rocky had 9 subluxations ( vertebrae not aligned due to injury or daily activities). His follow up he needed to have 4 subluxations adjusted. It takes time to realignment to hold. Retraining the correct alignment from an injury is covered. When I see Rocky walking and moving easier it makes me happy that I did what I could to make him feel better. Pets Best knows the importance of the whole health of our animals. I appreciate they understand and cover what most insurances don't. I have connected my bank account and it was great to get an email with payments made to me and 2 days later they were all in my account 1,300 dollars. It was that easy. I thank you so much for being a great company and helping me to care for my loyal love of my life, my Yorkie Rocky. You have made it easier financially and I recommend Pets Best to everyone. Insurance is important in the care of your best friends.

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