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I’ve had 6 pets covered by Trupanion over the past 10(?) years. I learned my lesson after spending thousands on both dogs and cats, particularly in their senior years. But, about 5 years ago, I also decided to add coverage for orthopedic issues.
One of my current dogs was diagnosed 2 years ago with cancer at only 6 years old. I would never have been able to afford his chemo and radiation without Trupanion. And, as of 3 months ago, his checkup showed him to be cancer-free from a type that usually kills within a year. Trupanion promptly reimbursed me for every visit, including the follow-ups, except for one. And that was resolved with a few weeks of back-and-forth. That instance is the only reason ia marked down the “ease of claim” rating.
Every time I have considered terminating coverage to save some money, a pet needs care and reinforces the decision to keep Trupanion coverage. It’s not cheap. But it has more than paid for itself over time.

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Posted: 05/21/2020
By: Mike & Erika

I'd really like to talk to you about our excellent service from Trupanion. My experience has been the total opposite. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Anyways I have a couple of questions.