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I was a customer of a different insurance company and unhappy with how few benefits received for the amount I was paying. I did the research and put in the time to compare multiple insurance companies and plans. I chose Pets Best because in comparison to everything I found during extensive research, the plans available through Pets Best surpasses all others I found. When I called the first time, the customer service was exceptional. Unlike other companies who only give great customer service the first time you call just to secure your business, Pets Best has been exceptional customer service every single time I have called. The plans available cover many options for different household budgets, making a huge difference in your ability to provide the best care possible every time. I recently took my dog in for a procedure and the vet’s bill was $348. After I paid it, I opened up the user friendly Pets Best app and took a quick snapshot of the invoice to submit my claim. Pets Best was quick to respond, direct depositing my reimbursement of $205. That’s $205 that I would have been without were it not for this great company. We will never

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