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At the time of application, the company reviewed vet notes for previous 12 months. Those notes reflected one instance of vomiting and two instances of abnormal lab results. The only definitive diagnosis of a specific illness was a possible urinary tract infection. The company implicitly advised it would not cover any future illness that occurred within 12 months of the above findings if any of those findings reappeared in the future, unless it was proven the finding was unrelated to the new illness. It appeared to me that if my pet vomited again within 12 months and if that turned out to be a symptom of any illness whatsoever, there would be no coverage. My conclusion was that the company would be providing accident insurance only -- no illness coverage. A rather unique definition of "preexisting condition!"

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Posted: 05/18/2020

Hi Ken,

Our definition is actually not unique, it is shared with all pet insurance companies. The definition of "temporary" pre-existing varies for each company. For instance, one company needs the pet to go 18 months without another episode of vomiting, while we ask for 12 months symptom free.

You still have illness coverage, it's not an accident only policy, and as long as your pet goes those 12 months symptom free, the pre-existing conditions will expire!

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