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They did not reimburse my 14 year old wheaten’s spleen surgery. It was not a preexisting condition. Their review of my file was botched.

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Posted: 05/08/2020
By: gary

Wow! Sorry to hear , but they have been wonderful for me . They covered ALL expenses that I submit . Obviously like any insurance, you must keep your dog updated yearly with dr visits so you must show proof that you've been to dr. There is a lot of people sign up and try to play the system.

Posted: 09/02/2020
By: Eusoh Support

This is Eusoh Support - the details of this alleged "scam" can be read in detail in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which reviewed this, and resolved it. We share all the details, as they speak for themselves. It is our duty to our members to protect them from individuals that may attempt to game the system. If anything, this 1 out of 10, further demonstrates how we have protected our membership and spent considerable time and energy to do so. We urge you to read the details on the BBB website, linked below, and make your own judgement if we are a "scam" or protected our members from one