Lucy's Liver Shunt journey

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My 15 month old Pug started having seizures in January. The vet initially did routine blood work and found her liver enzymes a little high and suggested a Acid Bile test that was about $150 of course we did it. It came back high and the vet thought she might have Liver Shunt that would require surgery if we couldn't control with diet. She recommended seeing a specialist, but until we could get into the specialist she was put on a prescription diet and some medication. Two weeks later she had multiple seizures and we went to the Specialty Hospital. They decided we couldn't wait for her specialist appointment and did a CT scan. The CT scan confirmed 3 liver shunts. Before they could do surgery we would need to use medication to reduce certain levels in her system. She came home on anti-seizsure and a couple other RX's as well as the prescription diet. I reached out to Pet's Best Customer Service to see if this would be a covered benefit or what my annual maximum would be on my policy. I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and living off of reduced pay. The Customer Service Agent (I wish I knew her name) said she couldn't" guarantee the procedure would be covered but this is the reason you have insurance.". February 14, Lucy had surgery and I am happy to report that today she is off all medication and eats whatever she wants like every Pug! If not for the comforting knowledge that I had Pet's Best I would have had some very difficulty decisions to make. Thank you Pet's Best. Lucy will always have your insurance!

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