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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been incredible during a very difficult time. My dog had a life threatening incident called Gastric Volvulus Distention that is also known as bloat. It occurs rapidly and can kill in a matter of hours. It requires an extensive (and very expensive) abdominal surgery and 2 nights in the hospital in order to survive. For many pet owners this problem would mean a death sentence for the animal because of the expense involved to save them. Brady, my 8 month old dog has a long life ahead of him and b/c of Healthy Paws Insurance (and the emergency hospital of course) he has completely recovered and is with me for many more years.
My experience with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been nothing short of amazing and excellent. Filing the claim documents was very easy, they responded immediately and have kept in contact each step of the way. The rates are very reasonable also. I have saved many thousands of dollars with their help. I will never have an animal again without this insurance! They are great!

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