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This past October, I got my puppy Archie and I couldn't be more in love. Archie is a long-haired Dachsund, and although he is small he is the more energetic, happy little dog. I never envisioned myself with a Dachsund, but when I found this little puppy at the animal shelter I knew I had to have him. When I got home, I looked up health problems Dachsunds are prone to getting and learned that due to their distinct shape they are prone to more issues than other dogs. Archie thankfully has no pre-existing conditions, and I want to make sure he lives a long, healthy life. Regular Vet visits are imperative, whether a puppy or in Archie's later years. I have never bought pet insurance before and was a little nervous. But, after visiting Spot's site, I learned how simple and comprehensive their plans were. I got an immediate free quote specific to Archie. Now Archie never has to be without proper care. Things that stuck out to me: 1. Visit any veterinary 2. Free custom quote specific to Archie 3. Monthly low payments 4. Their goal is to process your claim within 7 days or less, assuming proper documentation is received. This was huge for me since I live on a fixed income. The best feeling is knowing I never have to choose between Archie and the care he needs.

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