A lot of good but a little dissapointment

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Prudent Pet Insurance came to the best deal in what I had access to. Even an employee discounted policy at another place. You have a lot of ability to adjust your policy for deductible and payout to get a price you can work with. The website is very simple and filing a claim was no problem if you are tech savvy enough to take a picture of your bill and get that loaded up to the site. I filed on 3/26 and got a return on 4/9. So about 2 weeks, which is pretty good. That's the email, I have not actually checked the account to see if the money hit also. Now for the disappointment. I paid for a policy that said 90%. For a wellness visit for a puppy I ended up getting 85% of the bill reimbursed. Close, but not 90% and that 5% will add up if this is always the case. Of 5 items the heartworm/flea meds and rabies vac were paid 100%. The rest came back at 66%, 91%, and 75% with a code "61" that read Amount exceeds the allowed amount for Preventative item listed in your plan. Now, what that code was there for the 91% I'm not sure. But just be aware that they have a list of prices and you only get so much for each item. This is the first claim so it will be interesting to see how it goes as we go. I still have hope that this was the best one to go with after investigating and I hope this review helps others as it has the type of information I was looking for and didn't see when reading the reviews. 85% is still pretty good, it's just not 90% and I'm sure I missed fine print somewhere that stated this.

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Posted: 02/03/2021

This was very helpful. It seems that preventative care pricing is set low so I will most likely skip these options.