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I got Healthy Paws for my puppy the day after I brought him home. The day after the waiting period was over, he got bloat at 3 months old (highly unusual). I definitely did not expect him to get bloat at such a young age (or have any health issues) and had considered waiting to put him on the insurance. Once I got the 6000+ vet bill I was over the moon I had gotten it. My plan was for 80% coverage (different options for this), so I had to pay my $250 deductible, the vet consultation (not covered but this usually is never a lot, $144 out of my $6000 bill), and 20% of the total bill. Very fair in my opinion.

It took a few weeks for me to be reimbursed (I’ve heard it’s usually faster but I think with Covid-19 it might have taken some more time). Everyone was so nice, helpful and knew exactly what was going on each time I called. They received and reviewed my documents in a timely manner.

I initially chose healthy paws because they cover all congenital and hereditary conditions (some insurances have limitations or charge more for that) and are affordable. I figured this was most important because you never know what might happen that would be deemed hereditary and could require a big surgery and then not be covered.

I was hesitant to even get pet insurance because I know a lot of times you end up not needing it. I’ve read a lot of opinions saying you could just as easily set aside the monthly payment in savings and you’ll still have the money if you don’t need it. Accidents/surgeries can easily cost over $10k. In my case, I pay about $50 a month. It would take me ten YEARS to have saved up $6000 for my puppies surgery if I set aside $50 a month.

My experience with healthy paws has been excellent and I highly recommend them. I did extensive research trying to find the best insurance company (I know it can be exhausting trying to compare so many) and am very happy with my decision!

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