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I purchased health insurance for my dog when he was five years old. I spent several months researching all the companies out there because honestly, I was skeptical that companies wouldn't be reliable, trustworthy, wouldn't actually pay out when the time came. But, I've been down the end-of-life road with several dogs and it rips your heart out while wiping out your finances. I needed to be prepared and chose Healthy Paws. A year ago my dog had a large tumor that required a splenectomy and numerous expensive tests. Thankfully we caught and removed the cancer before it could spread. The bills totaled around $10,000 between checkups, surgery, ultrasounds, x-rays, and meds. Healthy Paws paid my claims without issue, and paid them promptly.
My Babydog is 13 now and has been diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma. With chemotherapy, if it works, he should be around for another comfortable and active year. Once again, the cost is astounding. If I were paying for this on my own, I would be tens of thousands of dollars into credit card debt. Or Rex would be gone. I can't stress enough how valuable Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been to us financially. Also, they are always polite. They answer questions promptly. They pay claims promptly and without hassle. And they donate money to local animal shelters throughout the country. I really can't say enough good things about Healthy Paws and my experience with them. I wish my own health insurance worked as well.

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