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I reasearched several Pet insurance companies before I got my puppy. Trupanion by far as the best coverage, with no lifetime limits per condition. A few months after getting my lab, I noticed him limping, after an X-ray and physical exam (which I was well aware the insurance wouldn’t cover the exam fee as I had read the fine print) it was determined that he had a partial tear in his cranial crucial ligament. He now goes for rehab (laser treatments, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy) 2-3 times per month and has been on Chinese herbal medicine and I’ve not once ever had an issue with payment or approval. I submit my invoice after leaving the vet, and I have the money deposited back into my account within 3 days. I see so many about people complaining that they don’t cover the exam fee or tax and a few other things, and all I can say is like anything, read the clauses and fine print, and you won’t have any surprises! Thank you Trupanion for making it possible to keep my baby happy, healthy, and pain free

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