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Although we have had dogs at various times in our lives, we hadn't had one for several years when I decided to get Oliver. We had never had pet insurance on any of our dogs before so we didn't get it on Oliver at first. However, Oliver had a few health issues in the first year of his life and we decided perhaps we should get insurance. He has since had one surgery and is prone to stones in his urinary tract. ASPCA has paid as promised and that is important. The only issue I had with them early on was when a claim was denied that I thought should have been paid. When I called the company to ask why, they explained their rationale but also told me that I could file an appeal which I did. I got additional information from my vet and after they reviewed the new information the claim was approved. I felt they were fair and open to reviewing their original decision. I also learned that I needed to be sure I submitted as much detail as I could. I am very pleased with the company, their service and the friendliness of their customer service. It is definitely well worth the money.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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1 - 8

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