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We took out Trupanion Insurance when Morrison was a tiny puppy. Through the years, he has faced many unexpected and scary health issues, accidents, and surgeries. Now that he is elderly, he suffers from the pain of arthritis, .When you first fall in love with your pet, you never imagine that among all the wonderful, exciting, and fun moments, there will be times when bad things happen and things go wrong. He had a dew claw pulled out at the dog park when a lady invited him to jump up but when he got down the buckle of her overalls caught the dew claw, he once had his inner, third eyelid torn almost off and his cornea badly scratched when he played with a dog wearing a spike collar, had a malignant tumour removed from his lower eyelid, stepped on a rare type of wild grass that cut deep into his paw, had the ligament in his knee snap and the cartilage crack, resulting in having a steel plate put in his knee. He had to rushed once to emergency in the middle of night in a dehydrated state due to mysterious vomiting. You've always been there for him and for us. We would find it hard to have paid for all of this without you. You are our heroes and have cushioned these frightening moments by helping us pay what it took to keep him comfortable, alive, and free of pain. We can't thank you deeply enough for your compassion.

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