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I rescued a dog from the local shelter in October 2019 and immediately signed her up for pet insurance. In November 2019, while out of town for Thanksgiving, she got very sick and was rushed to an out of town vet. Pets Best reimbursed the claim within 45 days. On December 27, 2019, she developed bacterial pneumonia and was rushed to the ER and then to a regional specialist hospital. The bills reached over $6,000 in less than 48 hours. My sweet girl was euthanized within 2 months of rescuing her and I called Pets Best to let them know. I submitted a claim having no hopes they'd reimburse after only paying on the policy for 2 months. Today I received an email letting me know than 90% of Charlie's medical bills will be reimbursed.

Several people have mentioned in their reviews the length of time it took to be reimbursed. I figured out early on that if I submitted the medical records along with the invoice it cut the time in half. I have a new rescue dog and immediately signed him up with Pets Best. I could not be happier with this company or the customer service I received when speaking to them on the phone.

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