Above and Beyond!!

Out of 10

Jessica provided “above and beyond” customer service during my call.
I was following up to ensure that pet claim documents were received. Jessica not only confirmed that they were received, but she accelerated the processing of my claims without me even having to request this.:)🙏😊🙏🐶!
I would have make this request had I known I could do this-,but I didn’t even need to say a word! Jessica got right to it!
That was a big “wow” experience for me- especially because I paid close to $850 for the services- and they were on my credit card. I simply could not have had a more satisfied experience. Jessica was kind, caring and yet professional in her communications to me. Petplan- thank you for hiring such a warm-hearted experienced representative!! Please compensate Jessica for her “above and beyond” commitment to your customers:)!

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