Dealing with Pneumonia

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We were visiting family in Colorado over Christmas. Our little dog developed a cough. We took her to a vet and she was given antibiotics. A few days later her condition worsened and we rushed her back to the vet. They took xrays and treated her for what we would call bronchitis. After consulting the vet we felt she was improving and could come home to Pittsburgh.
Once we returned, her cough suddenly changed and took a turn for the worse. I rushed her to the ER facility and they felt she had pneumonia. It was so hard for her to breathe that she was placed in an oxygen tank for several days. When she came home she had to take an antibiotic, steroids and a parasite medicine as they were unable to confirm what caused the inflammation in her lungs
I recently submitted four sets of bills from two states to Healthy Paws. They quickly reviewed and reimbursed us per the terms of our policy. Our bills were in excess of six thousand dollars.
We had opted for 80 % coverage. We feel very fortunate that we had coverage. If we get another dog we would contact Healthy Paws immediately and purchase 90% coverage as it is worth the peace of mind.

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