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Our beloved Sky was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer at only 6 years old. I had never been a fan of treating dogs with chemo but our vet explained that Lymphoma treatment is well tolerated with minimal side effects. The only problem, he said, is that the regimen is very expensive. Luckily, we bought a Healthy Paws insurance policy for Sky when she was just a puppy. This made it possible to give her the treatment that she needed. Dealing with Healthy Paws is straightforward. They did just what the policy said that they would do. Filing claims is so easy that I can complete one in about 5 minutes from start to finish. Claim payments usually arrive within 2 weeks. I am happy to say that Sky is in remission and just as happy and goofy as always. I urge you to get your pets covered early while they are still young. Without Healthy Paws we would be without her now.

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