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A COMPLETE RIP-OFF! I would think twice before giving this company even a penny because they do not honor and follow their own policies and will lie to make sure they don't have to cover a claim.

My dog injured her ear a little over a week after we enrolled in Trupanion. We kennelled her and came home after going out for a bit. When we came back she had (what we learned) a hematoma forming under her ear. It got worse over the next couple of days because she began scratching at it because it was obviously bothering her.

We took her to the vet and learned it was a hematoma from hitting her ear on the kennel wire. She was thoroughly checked for any underlying causes like an infection or something else, and the doctor found nothing. The dr even noted in the medical record that there was no sign of infection or other underlying causes besides the trauma.

Trupanion denied our claim based on their 30-day illness waiting Period stating that a hematoma can be caused by an underlying ear infection. They never called, they never spoke to the vet before denying the claim. Mind you, they also have a 5-day injury waiting period. And my dog's ear injury was caused by trauma. NOT an illness.

We appealed the claim because the ear hematoma was caused by trauma and not an illness. The vet we took her to called Trupanion and explained that there was no underlying illness and that the ear hematoma was caused by trauma.

And after waiting and waiting to learn if the claim would now be honored...I received an email informing me that they would still not cover the claim and they were still holding to the explanation that it was during the illness waiting period.

In my opinion, Trupanion operates under deceitful business practices and do not honor their own policies. Don't have an injury waiting period and an illness waiting period that are different if you are going to have to lie when a claim is received so you don't have to cover it.

And then when I called Trupanion to cancel because I refuse to give a dishonorable company my business. Christine answers and can't do anything because she's not licensed in Utah. So she somehow works in a call center that not 1 person is licensed in Utah and she will have to open a file and have someone call me in a few days.

I wish I had never trusted Trupanion. You can bet they collected their money every month, but that is where their service ends.

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