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My dog had Cushing's before I got the insurance, and had to have his gallbladder removed (I didn't try to claim that, pre-existing). Later he was hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis, and died 6 hours after his release. I put in a claim which took over a month to process, because they were waiting on unrelated medical documentation from the gallbladder surgery. They denied they claim because dogs with Cushing's are more susceptible to DKA...he could have gotten DKA regardless of the Cushing's, and didn't have it at the time I got the insurance (increased susceptibility is not a diagnosed pre-existing condition). They took my money every month, and I received none of the help I expected when my dog was sick.

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Posted: 01/22/2020

Hi Joe,

I am so sorry for everything you and your dog went through.

Something does not have to be diagnosed to be preexisting, it just needs to be symptomatic or a result of a previously diagnosed condition. With Cushing's Disease, many other issues can develop as a result, it sets the stage for complications throughout the life of a pet or person with that diagnosis.

One of the more commonly known examples of this are that pets with Diabetes are more likely to develop kidney problems, so a Diabetic pet would not be covered if kidney issues were to develop years later.

For this reason, we offer accident only coverage for pets with known conditions that result in a lot of preexisting issues, since we would not be able to cover much for those pets in terms of illnesses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at djl@embracepetinsurance.com

Contact Center Manager

Posted: 02/01/2020
By: Paul

Why didnt you have a free medical review when you got the policy? Also did he have SIGNS of a pre-exsisting condtion?? You left that part out! ....lol

Posted: 02/03/2020
By: Susan Drozdowski

I have had Embrace pet insurance for my Rottweiler for 8 1/2 years. I submitted claims periodically during that time and every time I did I got a response about my claim being approved or meeting my deductible. My dogs final days cost us a lot of money with tests and medication and I am so grateful that I had coverage because it took the stress off of bills while we are grieving for the loss of our family member.