PetsBest is a lifesaver for my cat, Nala, I couldn't treat her illness without this insurance...

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Pets Best insurance is literally a lifesaver for my cat Nala. She has been sick with a chronic condition for a year and a half, and has required multiple vet visits, testing when she got complications, and numerous medications, both ongoing for maintenance and others when the condition flares up again. One medication in particular is so expensive, I could never afford it on my own. Pets Best not only pays me back 90% of what I pay to my vet for all these sick visits/treatments, they pay me back so quickly and reliably that I can usually use the money to pay for Nala's next round of medicine! I could never have helped my sweet girl feel better without Pets Best, I really feel they are with me at the vet's office saying, "Don't worry. We've got this!" as I deal with how I'm going to pay for Nala's vet costs. I cannot express how important this has been to our family, knowing we have the security of not having to weigh treating Nala against paying our bills. I honestly don't know why anyone would NOT have pet insurance! But other insurers I'd been with in the past had complicated claims processes or questioned everything so many times that I'd give up and leave money on the table because it was just too time-consuming to deal with it. Pets Best is different, they make the claim submission process so easy! It's all online and crystal clear (or you can do it by mail also, for me online is easier). The only things I need are the vet diagnosis on the claim form and my receipt as paid that gets sent to the Pets Best claims department. If there is ever a question about coverage or details they reach out to me immediately to let me know what my vet may need to explain to them -- but that has only happened maybe twice in over twenty claims they have paid for in the past 18 months. I know this is going to sound over-the-top but I just can't say enough good things about this company. I think when it comes to the health of your animal companions, there is just no way of thanking a company like this for just being who they are.

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