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I have nothing but good things to say about this insurance. I have had pet insurance for both my dogs, but this is the first time I've used Healthy Paws. The biggest reason I changed was the ability to choose my coverage. The last insurance I used had amounts for the maximum they would reimburse & it didn't matter what the costs were for your specific situation. Healthy Paws allows you to choose your deductible and percentage of coverage. This will obviously effect your monthly rate, but the choice is still yours to make.

As I stated, I have had insurance for both dogs I've owned and I have had to have major surgeries to both. The 1st was a herniated disc in his back that had him paralyzed & my current dog had to have TPLO surgery. Both insurance companies covered the surgeries, but Healthy Paws went above and beyond! Not only did we get the 90% coverage after deductible, but it didn't take long to get approved. Yes, there is a delay (couple of weeks) for the major surgery as I'm sure they verify necessity, medical records, and whatnot. I was initially stressed that we had to pay for this surgery upfront & God forbid it gets denied or they try not to cover the entire surgery. Having your pet go through a major, costly surgery is a huge stress alone. What a weight getting lifted off your shoulders when you see that your claim has been approved! Then my poor pup got an infection from the surgery that caused an emergency vet visit that was quite costly. Fear not my friends! That was approved in just a couple of days! My brother has a different company for his dog & he said he had to wait months on every claim he has ever submitted. He is now looking to change to Healthy Paws.

If you are looking for an honest, fair, caring insurance company there is none better than Healthy Paws! They even emailed me asking how my dog was doing after surgery. I thought maybe it was some standard automated email, but I figured I'd email them back with details just to see. Well within a day they responded with an email that was clearly from a person specifically to me. Sometimes it's the little things that go a long way!

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