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I've had Healthy Paws Pet insurance for years on my two small dogs and periodically i consdiered cancelling it. Every year the price went up a bit. After years of paying it didn't seem logical to keep going considering i had never tapped into the benefit! Wasn't sure i ever would. BUT, that all changed when Rocky my 12 year old mixed breed tore his Cruciate Ligament just in his regular daily routine! It got worse and worse and eventually he couldn't walk at all and went in for emergency surgery. The overall surgery, meds, doc visits and soon to be physical therapy undoubtedly cost a bundle! Around $6800.00 thus far. Thank god for Healthy Paws who covered 90%! I honeslty thought the claim process would be long and drawn out (afterall it's an insurance company!). WRONG, it was so quick so efficient. It was amazing! I undoubtedly recommend them! They are awesome! Rocky is doing great also, recovering and currently on week 4 of 8! GET INSURANCE for your DOG!

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