Welcome to the AKC Pet Insurance family? Really? Which family?

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"Welcome to the family". That is what AKC Pet insurance tells its customers when they sign up. Our experience with this insurance company has been anything but a family experience. Family member care for each other. In our case, this company only cared about its ability to not cover medical treatment.
We have a Labrador puppy. She is 7 months old. When she was 4 months, she injured her left front paw playing with other dogs in the park. The vet we used to go to, told us to give her some pain killers, rest her and to make sure she would not eat too much. It turns out that her growth plates were damaged and she started developing what is known as elbow dysplasia. A couple of months later she injured her left front paw again. We went to AMC in NYC, probably the best veterinary hospital in the country. They have been running tests to determine the extent and the origin of our dog's condition because they have been puzzled by this injury and unable to determine whether it was caused by trauma or by a genetic condition, or by a combination of both. For full disclosure: we know that Labrador retrievers are prone to elbow dysplasia and we are ready to accept their diagnostic if they determine it was purely genetic. AKC Pet insurance did not even wait for the exams to be completed. They decided it was genetic and denied all the claims. So basically, their position is that they know better than specialists. Or they put your pet in an Excel spreadsheet and consider it as just a cost they have to minimize to increase their profits. One last thing. Be careful if you have a Labrador or a large dog: elbow dysplasia is not even mentioned as such in the contract they send you. It is called osteoarthritis on the letter z of all the exemptions they include not to cover your pet.
We hope our experience can be helpful when you make decisions whether to buy insurance from this company or not. Looking back we should have listened to the warnings we had read on this website.

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Posted: 11/18/2019

We are very sorry that you are unhappy with the determination of your claim. Unfortunately, because your policy did not include our inherited coverage endorsement, we were unable to cover your dog's osteoarthritis. In addition, it seems that the symptoms of the condition were present during the waiting period, so we would be unable to cover this condition on that basis as well. We aim to make our terms and conditions as clear as possible to ensure pet owners understand their pet insurance options to the fullest when choosing coverage. If you would like to call to discuss your concerns, our Customer Care Supervisor, Adam, would be more than happy to speak with you.

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