they have really rude customer service

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Hello john k! My name is Julie.

so like i'm looking for insurance right, i dont understand about pre existing how its work. how do you decide or know if the pet has pre existing condition or not?

HI, John. We will collect the medical records for your pet, which will show us your pet's medical history up to the point of enrollment, and then after as well.

yeah i know but if medical record shows curtain symptom then it goes to pre existing?

what if the sympton isnt on the medical report?

If a pet already shows signs or symptoms of an illness or injury, this would be considered pre-existing, even if it has not been diagnosed yet.

do the pets has to be in examination before the insurance start?

yeah that i dont get it. how would u guys know its already started or its been

No, but keep in mind there are waiting periods too. 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses. It sounds like your pet is going through something that you may be looking for coverage on. is this correct?

my pet is completely healthy m just trying to figure it out. i have a wellness plan ending in dec. after that im thinking to get insurance along with pet insurance.

my pet had parvo 4 months ago but hes survived

Then you would have nothing to worry about, if there are no vet records of any problems (and if you get through the waiting periods with no signs or symptom) then you are in the clear. It is a great idea to set up insurance while your pet is young and healthy.

That is good news. I am happy he pulled through that.

hes 11months

i mean i heard from people and saw some reviews that people saying thier pet never had condition or ever tested before then when they go vet and do a claim. most of them told its preexistiong condition n dont cover thier bill

I understand your wanting to be smart about this. We rely on the vet records, and we would not deny a claim unless the vet records show us the condition did not start after enrollment. Would you like to speak with me so we can go over how the policy works, and pricing?

so im just trying to know how do you guys decide its pre existing is it like they has to go pre examined for everything before getting a insurance or its just based on their medical record past

are you calling me trying to be smart? im just trying to figure it out and doing some research when it comes to my insurance. how can you be so rude?

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