I wish I would have done more research into finding a pet insurance!

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We have a English Bulldog and before getting him we knew to get insurance due to their health problems! We chose Nationwide by word of mouth. It seems to pay on the small claims ok but we have sent claims in for some higher dollar claims and seems it takes the 60 days to review and we have not got reimbursement on those as of yet??? We always have to send the vets notes for additional information which is fine but just prolongs the process. We always pay our 50.00 every month but seems when its time to pay on big claims example eye surgery Nationwide not so willing to help! Another example is our English Bulldog had descending testicles and also cherry eye and Nationwide said both not covered (400.00 charge) after our vet wrote extensive letter explaining these surgeries where necessary still NO payment! We have just filed a 586.00 claim and a 680.00 claim for two separate eye surgeries so we will see how they pay on these!

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