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I highly recommend FIGO Pet Insurance. My Great Dane was breathing heavy, looked lethargic and he was hot to the touch. We took him to a nearby animal hospital and had a 108 degree temperature, they took a blood test and discovered he had a very low white blood count which meant he had a bad infection. They kept him in intensive care and 4 days later , he passed with an aspirated pneumonia and septic. The hospital tried everything they could to save my dog. The hospital kept giving me bills and I kept paying them. The final bill was $8,711. A month later I submitted my bill on a Wednesday night at 9:00pm and I got an answer on Thursday morning at 10:00am stating they are going to cover the bills, plus the $1,000 Mortality benefit. Since it was a life threatening illness they did not charge me the $500 deductible or the 10% copay. They only took out $36 in hazardous waste fee. FIGO deposited $9,675 into my checking account in 2 business days. I would have spent anything for my dog and thank God I had FIGO to take the burden of the bill. FIGO I truly want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart

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