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Stay away from PPU , their customer service sucks. They don't know what they are talking about half the time, they tell you the have removed or added things to your account and then months later you find out they actually didn't. They remove discounts from your account after alreafy being told by someone else it was already off. I was told my avcount would be the same until January and I made dure to ask a fee times just to make sure what my payment would be this month and she assured me it would be the same until January, she even went to as someone to make sure. Well now I checked my account today and guess what they took about $10 bucks more from my account without my permission and beingntold exactly what this payment would be. I had a really bad customer service call last time I was talking to them and askef gor a manager , she saif there was none around and she would deal with it. I told her no and she out me on hold and came back 10 minutes later saying she went and removed my discounts as I use to work at vet clinic. I was like so I have been on hold for another 10 minutes on top of all the other times you put me on hold and you didn't even look for a manager for me. She yet again tried to handle the situation herself but its something she can't deal woth because apparently no body knows how to write notes of their conversations with you. I specifically asked for one to call back within two buisness days and they never did. Never in all my life have I been so disappointed with a company before. I am cancelling today and going with trupanion, they are a way better company anyway. ✌

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Posted: 08/23/2019

Hi Alyshia, We apologize for the discount being taken off of your policy prior to the renewal date. This was done in error and was corrected and refunded to you when you reached out to us on August 21, 2019. The wait time you encountered in speaking with a leader on the team is not indicative of the service level we strive to provide to our members. I understand that you were contacted the same day on your more recent call in which is what our members should expect. Thanks and Paws Up! Carolyn, Top Dog of Business Solutions