Seems like the per-illness deductible is shady

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I paid for a deductible of 250$. I was never told it was per-illness until I had a claim of over 500 dollars. Of course it's my fault that if I dig through the website, I'll find the term per-illness. On the other hand, because none of the illnesses my cat has experienced were over 250....each....trupanion gets to say they wont cover ANY of the bill. It's an unfair practice, and I will NEVER use them again. Also if you need something like dental, which my cat will, make sure you read what they dont cover. Which is of course the expensive stuff. So trupanion hope you are happy with the money you got from me, because you will not see another dime.

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Posted: 08/22/2019
By: Angela Sekelsky

Thank you!!

Posted: 08/25/2019
By: Robert

Like many insurance companies (human & animal), regular maintenance costs are never properly covered by the insurance company. This is why people are fed up with the billions of dollars these companies rake-in while the consumer is screwed.