Absolutely most incompetent and dysfunctional company I have ever dealt with

Out of 10

Over the years their wait times have become longer and longer, their claims processing have become more and more dysfunctional, and their customer service IQ has steadily dropped. More specifically, I re-signed up with them approx 45 days ago to give them another chance after getting a new puppy. In that time I have submitted two very small, fully vetted and verified claims directly from my State licensed veterinarian. One of them was initially denied for being "pre existing". After making 4 separate phone calls, each one 1.5-2 hours of being on hold (I have phone records to prove this) I finally spoke to several claims reps all whom transferred me all over, and each somehow found a way to be more rude and posses a lower IQ than the one before. One of the reps, was able to see that their claims department simply did not read the claim properly, and put a label as "pre existing" when it was in fact not true. That rep assured me that the supervisor for that claims processor would be contacted as this was an obvious error on their part, and that claim would be taken care of "immediately".....well 2.5 weeks later...another 3-4 phone calls (each one being on hold 1-2 hours, and ending with arguing with multiple people who probably cant spell "claims"), and the claim is not processed (neither is the second claim that I sent in in the interim). Healthy Paws is rude, unprofessional, incompetent, lazy, and manipulative. Additionally, they are committed FRAUD because customers are submitting legitimate claims and these customers are not being paid because Healthy Paws is LYING and making up non existent reasons to deny the claim (after of course making them wait on hold for hours and hours).

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German Shepherd

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Under a year

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