Trupanion is the best!!!

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I cannot express how happy I am with Trupanion pet insurance. By far such an amazing company, I’ve been with you for 8 years for my English Bulldog and have never had any complaints. No hassle or runaround when it comes to submitting a claim. It is what it is. My bulldog suffers from allergies, so I always know when I need to take him to be treated for this condition I know my baby is getting the best he needs and Trupanion will reimburse all that they cover. Recently I had an awful scare. He someone got very ill with severe Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, and had to be hospitalized. He had every test taken, fluids given as well as transfusions. I was a little worried that I was going to have an outrageous bill but just kept reminding myself that it’s what needed to be done. He’s my second son and it would all work out. Needless to say once he was well enough to come home, my claim was submitted and within two days I got my outcome back and let me just say it was such a relief. Trupanion is reimbursing me a good portion. I cannot express how amazing and worth it to have this company insuring your pet. They are by far the best! For 8 years they just seem to keep me amazed. Thank you so much for making such difficult financial struggles manageable. I cannot express how happy I am.

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