Healthy Paws has made it possible for me to keep my kitty alive for 10 years!

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I adopted my cat, Enzo, from a shelter in 2009. He is a big, friendly, adventurous tuxedo who loves to be around people, dogs, cats and even the occasional rabbit.
Until 2013, he ate a diet of regular dry and wet food and was living the good life. In 2013 he developed bladder problems. He needed 2 emergency surgeries to clear out magnesium crystals from his bladder and to enlarge the opening for urine to flow. The cost of the surgeries, coming within weeks of each other, was much more than I was able to pay. If I didn't have Healthy Paws insurance, my only option was euthanasia. I called Healthy Paws and was assured that his surgeries and drugs were covered, and I received an insurance payment covering 90% of the total cost of the surgeries, aftercare and medications in time to pay the bill. Since 2013, Enzo has had a few more bladder issues, and, thankfully, all of his vet visits and medications have been covered.

I recommend Healthy Paws to everyone I know who has pets. The reps are all animal lovers, they understand the stress you feel when your companion is ill, and they work hard to get your claims processed as quickly as possible. The monthly premium is affordable and the website makes it quick and easy to file a claim. It's a great company.

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