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This complaint is in regards to my dog, Ozzie. He recently had a surgery for a torn ACL. I sent in prior authorization for this claim. My dog is now recovering and his veterinarian is recommending hydrotherapy, physical therapy, dog aquatics, etc. I had never heard of that for dogs before. I called trupanion to ask about coverage. The representative stated that in order for this service to be covered, I would have needed to include it on the prior authorization form and add the service on to the policy prior to the surgery. As far as prior authorization goes, all the veterinarians that I have worked with (which have been many, as I have always had pets) put the surgery information on the PA forms, not the recovery information. Pet owners are not necessarily medical people, so they should not include too much information all at once. But rather, first talk about the surgery. Then, talk about recovery during a follow up appointment, which is what I did. 9 days after the Ozzie's surgery, I made a follow up appointment. During this appointment, the veterinarian explained more about how I should proceed with the recovery process. He stated that hydrotherapy and physical therapy would be a good idea for optimal recovery. At this point I asked trupanion. As far as I was knew, anything related to the issue was covered at 90% after the deductible was met. Why would this be different? I had absolutely no knowledge of PT and hydrotherapy being additional add on services, and I have been a loyal customer for almost 6 years. Other people have tried to even get me to switch to Embrace and I have refused because I have been content with trupanion. Apparently this information was written on the policy. I was never aware of it. Had I been aware, I would have looked into it further prior to all of this happening. I had no idea that this service would have needed to be included in the PA form. This situation is not fair to me because if I want my dog to recover best, I need to pay a lot of money for PT services. It is not fair to my dog because I will not be able to pay for that, as I do not have the extra money to do so. It is not fair to my veterinarian in that he was including surgery info on the PA, not recovery info. It does make sense to include recovery info before surgery when an apprehensive dog owner cannot handle all of that information at one time. Even with human surgeries, doctors are the same. You learn a little bit about the recovery before the surgery, such as diet or resting, but learn more in depth during each follow up visit. Every incident that has happened, I have always done the same thing. I email the claims department the invoice, they add to deductible or cover it at 90%. That is what I was doing with this issue as well.

I posted that comment on the Better Business Bureau website. Trupanion basically told me to shove it and that they were available to answer questions. The company never resolved the issue and I am still unsatisfied. They are awful

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