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We bought our 2 Border Collies in 2009 and decided to buy insurance for them. My husband has been an insurance agent for over 45 years and did alot of research on all the available insurance companies at that time. (There are way more now!) He read all the companies information and we decided on ASPCA 1. annual deductible, not a deductible for every event 2. We liked that there were different levels of care (we bought Level . Over the years we have had a few major medical situations and we have never, ever been questioned about the claims we put in. We get the coverage we paid for with no questions asked. We lost our girl, Digit, in 2017 and the agents were so nice, caring and understanding about her care and death. The claim was handled quickly and efficiently. We would not change to another company as ASPCA delivers what they say they will. We are considering going to the next level as Jack is now 10 and is a "senior". Love ASPCA!

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