Fraudulent bunch of scammers

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Trupanion SUCKS. AVOID If your pet is injured, as of course, the vet examines them to see what is wrong and then treats it, trupanion doesn't pay for the Examination. How else is the vet supposed to treat the pet if they don't LOOK at it first? Also anything that involved breathing is a pre-existing condition and they apply a $200 deducitlbe to EVERYTHING. SO my dog was vomiting and had other gastro issues. A $920 bill paid out only about $90. They would not cover half the bill for the vet taking a look at her to see what was wrong becuase they "don't cover examinations" and they then applied a $200 deductible (not the first time this year--they apply a deductibe for each new issue, not per year) and paid $90 of what was left.

Its a total scam--don't get it!

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