Extremely disappointed with Trupanion, use someone else.

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I have 5 pets, all insured with Trupanion for years. They raise the premiums every year (significantly) and there is no cap on how much they can raise them. They will quote you a great rate to start but the next year they can raise it as much as they want. Personally mine have gone up $15/month but I have friends whose have gone up more than $50/month.
As they did raise the premiums quite high, I used their chat on their website to raise my deductibles and lower the premiums, I clearly stated it was only temporary so I could work the new premiums into my budget. I specifically asked if the new deductibles would only apply to NEW claims, the advisor responded with 'exactly' and then proceeded with some blurb about how it works. Apparently, I missed the fact that his blurb did not specify new claims.
Fast forward a few months, when I want to bring the deductibles down again, I am told that now any old claims I will now have to pay the new deductible even though I am reducing them, essentially they were PERMANENTLY changed to the higher deductible even though I had SPECIFICALLY asked about this and was told old claims wouldn't be affected.
There is now also a 1 month waiting period for the lower deductibles to kick in (even though you pay for them) - which I was ALSO not advised about.
Since it is in their policy / fine print, they refuse to help me, in fact when I asked a manager if there was anything they could do her answer was straight up 'no.' without even asking what she could do to help.
All I wanted was for them to essentially reverse the deductible change in the first place, I offered to pay the difference in what my premiums would have been for the three months. They said no.
So, essentially, to save $30/month on premiums, if I ever have to use an old claim again (ie allergies for my dog, urinary issues for my cat) I now have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars. That isn't even logical, I would not have changed my deductibles had I been provided that information.
They refuse to help or even offer ANYTHING whatsoever. They don't care about client retention at all because they know that I am trapped with Trupanion because switching insurance companies, everything I've ever claimed or had issues with is considered 'pre existing' to another company.
My suggestion? Go with Pets + Us. By the way, I work in the industry (at a clinic) and I repeatedly watch Trupanion deny claims, apply deductibles where they shouldn't be, and cause grief to already stressed out pet parents and to the clinics as well.
Save your money, go somewhere else. Pets + Us will do direct billing too especially if it is a larger claim.
Don't be fooled by their overly friendly sales people, they don't care at all about customers, pets, truly a greedy insurance company to the core.

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