Quick claims response, hesitant to reimburse though

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I like the ease of submitting an online claim to Nationwide, but in submitting one of my first ones, they requested I send documentation of every single vet appointment Remy has ever had.. Luckily he’s only 2 and I’ve gone to the same vet since I had him, but geez that’s insane that they wanted until I was submitting a claim to do that?? Why not request this info up front when I registered? It was really fishy to me, and just kind of proved that all insurance providers will do anything and everything to block you from getting money back. After I did obtain the documentation, it wasn’t enough. I needed FULL appointment details, including even the vet notes *eye roll*. Again, luckily, I was able to get that info and they have reimbursed me one time so far out of the 4 vet visits my dog has had. I got back more money than my last provider would ever give me! Which is awesome. But you really really have to have the time, patience, resources, and documentation to get what you’re owed. Good luck!

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