don't bother switching if you have existing insurance.

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Forget switching to Pets Best if you have any existing pet insurance and have made a claim. My dog every so often needs an injection $45 to get her through summer allergy months. Not always but they really help her. Because she'd had a prior injection on another policy - they denied the claim citing "existing condition" even though she has not been diagnosed with any 'condition'. I didn't even bother to dispute or waste my time dealing with them. I just cancelled immediately. On the plus side cancelling was easy and i received the refund of unused policy payment back quickly. If you have a new pet or insuring for first time - this company may well work for you. Based on my first and only experience with their claims dept - i cannot recommend.

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Posted: 07/31/2019

Hi Gary, pre-existing conditions are not covered by any insurance company. We are sorry to see you go and wish you the best.