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I did major research before choosing a line of pet insurance. I got pet insurance when my frenchie was 6 weeks old. I decided to have a preventative surgery for her and under all circumstances knew it would be covered, that is the reason I pay for pet insurance in the first place! However, when I went to submit my pre-authorization form, they came up with a very BS excuse on why it could not be covered. I asked for documentation to prove the reason why it was declined and they could not provide. DO NOT waste you money on this company. My friend uses Trupanion and that is the route I would go!

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Posted: 07/11/2019

Hi Kaitlin, we understand your frustration with your pre-authorization request being rejected. We have an appeals process that allows us to take a second look at your request. Please email us at socialmedia@gopetplan.com your policy number so I can have a Petplan team member take a second look at your request.

Posted: 07/26/2019
By: Carl

I've had Pet Plan for 8 years now. At first they were great but then they were bought out by another company. I just switched over to FIGO. I don't know how good they are but they are cheaper even though I have an older dog.