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ASPCA was recommended by my vet a year ago. This past year our payment was $60 a month and we never needed take our dog to the vet but my policy increased $30 a month without any notice. When I called ASPCA to find out why my premium went up to $90 there excuse was my dog is "older". I took that as I'm being punished for having a healthy dog. Like car insurance I could see if I've put in several claims that would force my payment to increase. So my question to ASPCA was if my dog is 7 now and lives till hes 15 how much are you expecting me to pay after your yearly increases. My calculations come to $520+ a month when my dog turns 15. The catch is you can't insure your pet after 7yr old. The greed this insurance company dumps on consumers is disgusting. Again if I've put in zero claims, have a healthy pet I don't understand how you justify an increase. Please be aware your first year payments are NOT a fixed rate even if you've put in zero claims this insurance company will raise your rates after a year. Safe to say ASPCA doesn't care about pets it's all about the MONEY. I'd rather deal with car or home insurance at least there's fairness to there increases, you won't get punished for driving an old car. Here I'm trying do right by my dog and I'm getting screwed for it.

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