Misleading marketing/communications, hard to work with

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Healthy Paws has been hard to work with from the get-go. I had to have my vet call them to explain that a procedure was not related to a pre-existing condition -- while they ultimately approved the claim (thanks, dr. Dunning), that exemplifies their efforts not to support customers. Also, make sure you read the fine print on EVERYTHING — emails, website, printed materials, etc. They do not make some things obvious, so do your homework. Customer service is incredibly impersonal and feels like an exceptionally cheery bot. I probably wouldn’t be half as upset as I am if the customer service people were at all apologetic when they aren’t able to help. Getting a negative email with cheery exclamation points creates a weird cognitive dissonance. Whoever heads customer support needs to take a communications 101 class.

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Posted: 07/11/2019


We’re sorry you were not satisfied with the customer service you received. We do our best to be transparent throughout our website, during the enrollment process and in the policy documents available to each client in their online Healthy Paws account regarding the limited exclusions of our policy. Those exclusions are pre-existing conditions, preventative/wellness care and the office visit fee. Anyone visiting our website can see this information on our "Benefits, Coverage and Exclusions” page. We appreciate your veterinarian reaching out to us to provide clarification, but since the issue with that particular claim was related to a pre-existing condition, we could not provide coverage. We’re happy though that we have been able to provide coverage and reimbursement for your other claims over the years. Give your baby a big hug from us!

The Healthy Paws Team