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We were supposed to get a 30-free trial. I went to their website and registered within the first couple days after adopting. I received a confirmation email about the microchip that I mistook to be a confirmation on the policy but, somehow, their website never recorded my existence. By the time I realized (at the vet), it was already past the 7-day window to register. Although they were willing to waive that 7-day requirement, the infection that the vet discovered then became a pre-existing condition, so nothing is covered. I felt a really "tough luck on you" kind of attitude instead of accepting responsibility for their website and taking care of me.

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Posted: 07/08/2019
By: Maria

Congratulations on your new adoption. We are sorry that you did not enroll within the required 7-day timeframe for your trial of insurance after your adoption of Garry. We did provide you with a customer service exception to allow you to set up your trial after the expiry but we were unable to backdate your coverage to provide you with coverage for an illness that was pre-existing.

Upon adoption you received an email advising how to enroll in your trial. The email provides you with a link to the Trial portal where you enter your enrollment code and bind the trial coverage. This was not completed and therefore the trial was not activated.

I apologize that you felt that the agent you spoke to had a “touch luck on you” attitude but I assure you that was not the case. We are pet lovers and endeavour to do the best that we can for our members. I hope that Garry is doing well and settling into his new home. Thanks and Paws Up!